Pir - E - Kamal ( The Perfect Mentor )

Pir - E - Kamal ( The Perfect Mentor ) - Umera Ahmed After reading this books I am feeling so overwhelmed, a feeling that I am unable to fathom. Its strange how I came across this book of all, may be I had meant to read it I guess. A book about Perfect Mentor- who else that can be apart from the God?
Now coming to how I came across this book, hmm recently I started watching a Urdu serial ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ and I loved it so much so that I finished watching the whole 26 episodes in just about 4 to 5 days.The story, the way it was directed and the way each characters were portrayed every damn thing was just perfect, there was not even a single thing which I didn’t like about the show. After having finished the show I could not come out of it so I started googling for something more on the serial and that’s how I came to know it was actually based on a novel, I felt so happy after finding it so again my search took a new turn and this time I started searching for the book but unfortunately it was written in Urdu by author Umera Ahmad and there was no English translation of it yet. But the bookworm inside me wanted to know still something more about the author I wanted to find whether there is any other book from her which is translated in English which I could read and that’s how I came across “Pir-e-Kamil - The Perfect Mentor” but I could not get a copy of it anywhere so again with help of google I got a PDF copy of it and that’s how I started reading it.

Now about the novel, all I can say is I am very very very glad to have read this. Had I not researched about the author I am sure I would have missed out reading this gem of a book. The strongest point of this novel is the powerful and mesmerising story which actually overshadows everything. The story was more like a journey which makes the reader believe in God or believe in some great power a power which humans can not conquer no matter what. The story proves that, whatever happens good or bad or whatever is happening, apart from God no one has control over it. It’s a story about two totally different individuals Salar and Imama who go through frustration, humiliation, guilt and regret through out their life and finally find their peace in God. Though the two main protagonist search for their perfect mentor in their own way but what they don’t know is that in turn the perfect mentor is making sure that they cross their path and find each other. I have nothing more to say apart from saying I just loved this book!