Heroes Are My Weakness

Heroes Are My Weakness - Susan Elizabeth Phillips Well, Heroes are not my weakness but yes, [a:Susan Elizabeth Phillips|41313|Susan Elizabeth Phillips|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1351268280p2/41313.jpg] is and her books are!

First of all, i was extremely happy to get my hands on SEP’s latest book. There is always a thrill reading your favourite author’s latest book!!!

And secondly I really liked this book. I know it’s a mixture of many of her older books, I don’t deny the fact but still its her writing which do the tricks on me. I get hooked to her world the moment I start reading her books.

Annie and Theo I love them both! Annie for the strong will power that she had and for her mind talking puppets and Theo for making sure he is the villain in Annie’s life though we very well know he is not. The story has a gothic set up to it and which slightly did gave me the chill of the island winter while reading.