The Book Thief

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak Yes I didn’t like ‘The Book Thief’ I am the odd one out I guess!!
I had picked up this book so many times read a page or two since it didn’t grab my attention I had kept it aside thought may be it was not the right time for me. But this time around when I picked it I was sure of finishing it I thought may be a few pages more into it might change my opinion and I would start liking it. But I kept turning pages after pages without much improvement in my perception which remained same I really didn’t find anything extraordinary in/about this book.

Here are few things which didn’t sit well with me..
• Death as narrator. His narration was BAD. I felt as if it were a gimmick to put death as a narrator to lure the readers, though the concept was unique however it didn’t work for me! I didn’t like the way he kept highlighting random notes every now and then giving us all the unasked spoilers. Yeah we know he says he hates mysteries as it bores him or wherever but as readers we like it very much.
• I didn’t like the whole premises of the story it felt forced. Though I tried hard to connect with the story and the characters and their vulnerable situation still I just could not get the connection they seemed so detached. (death is the culprit I guess!)
• It seemed way too long a book with unnecessary dragging.
• Lastly I would like to think if not for all the hype, I might have at least liked this book to some extent!

All things considered, Death I hate you for ruining this book for me!!