A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman 3.5 its 4

It’s not like i didn’t enjoy this book I did. But may be my expectation from this book was way too much and i felt somewhere that the story turned out to be quite simple and predictable, but still one thing is for sure even days after finishing this book i am still unable to get over with the sweetest couple ever Ove and Sonja their story is very real and very inspirational to me. I could also connect to Ove and i could understand why he hated this world, though he was too old fashioned and unreasonable at times but still he was reasonable in his own old way.
Whenever I think of this book I will only think about Ove and Sonja everything else is secondary to me. And also the picture that comes to my mind whenever I try to remember the grumpy Ove and the Sweet, bubbly, full of life Sonja is Carl and Ellie from the movie UP.

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