Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino

Salvation of a Saint - Keigo Higashino, Alexander O. Smith

I get the pattern of Keigo Higashino novels. First we come to know the crime and then the next moment we get to know the criminal but what we won’t know is the reason behind it and these kinds of mysteries is what i love to read. Where rather than concentrating on who is the criminal, the plot is more about why and how it was done.

Ayane and Yoshitaka a married couple, don't have children even after trying. But Yoshitaka is so adamant about having his own child that he doesn’t mind divorcing his current wife and remarrying. Meanwhile, he is also having a secret affair with one of Ayane student Hiromi. And when Yoshitaka is poisoned to death on a mysterious circumstances (by the way, i certainly didn’t feel pity for him) it made me curious to know why and how it was done. Then enters Detective Kusanagi, his intelligent assistant Utsumi and Professor Manabu Yukawa and solves the mystery for us.

But still there were some things which put me off. Firstly, Kusanagi’s soft corner for the suspect (Ayane), may be he just pretended to be interested in her am not sure of it but that part was unnecessary it somewhere made him look like a fool. Secondly, there was lots of ‘beating around the bush’. The crime was there, the criminal was there too and they knew how it was done but still it took really long time for them to conclude, even though there were 3 intelligent people involved that made the whole reasoning a bit silly and the criminal more intelligent. Having said that i still enjoyed this book and will look forward to read books by this author.