Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer

Sons Of Fortune - Jeffrey Archer

This book was an absolute entertainer from start to end! As soon as i finished this book i had rated it 5 stars but now i have changed it to 4.


I usually tend to read two books at a time especially if one of the books is more than 500 pages reason being somewhere in the mid i may get bored of the pace or the characters or may be i just need a break from that book but i was totally wrong when i started this one. From the moment i started till the end it didn’t even cross my mind to start another book until i finished the whole thing.


When i was first getting into the story of Nat and Fetcher a dizygotic twins who were separated at birth because of some unusual circumstances , mentally i had came up with my own story of how it would start and how these two would meet and end up killing each other, but i was wrong, the whole story was totally different from what i had imagined. There wasn’t any dramatic twist as i thought there would be so thats another point why i liked this book and of course the way the whole story was told by Archer without messing it up anywhere was GREAT! And now i know why he is called master story teller. Another thing which caught my attention was the ending, it was so confusing  that I had to read three or four times to know what actually happened.


Having said that i had just two problems with this book firstly at some parts the story was moving so fast that it was becoming difficult to catch up with characters and their circumstances another thing which didn’t sit well was Luke’s death i didn’t know why under such weak grounds he had to kill himself, that seems a bit forced, other than that I loved this book.