Malice by Keigo Higashino

Malice - Keigo Higashino

Keigo Higashino’s approach towards crime thriller is totally different. The first book i read by him was 'Devotion of Suspect X’ i remember enjoying that book but not as much as i enjoyed Malice. I am totally in awe with this one. The story, the way it was presented to us readers and the characterisation everything was just incredible.

At first the story seemed very simple and to the point,
Firstly,we witness the crime,
Secondly, we get to know who has committed it and
Thirdly, the person who committed the crime also accepts that he is guilty of doing it.
This whole thing happens in just about 80 pages. So i kept thinking what left? Thats when Detective Kaga starts his research for the the reason behind this crime and whatever reason the guilty was providing was it genuine or just an illusion? And thats how the story moves on in search of the actual reason. Here we not only get to the bottom of the crime but also it makes us wonder about how criminal mind works and how it is rooted which is scarier than the crime itself come to think of it.
Although I don’t read many crime thrillers but if at all i want to read one and enjoy at the same time then it should be like Malice.