Ectopy by Scylla William

Ectopy - Scylla William

Ectopy is a story about Dr. Zara Pendergast a cardiologist. Basically she is a workaholic who gives more importance to her professional life than personal. When she was appointed as the acting chief of medicine in a hospital she was working, she eagerly accepts the offer hardly knowing what was in for her.

Although Zara seems strong outwardly i found her a bit immature and impulsive in making decision for herself especially in the case of Greg. It was good to know in the end she finally realised who and what is good for her.

In this story author has tried to portray 'what is more important in life love or career?'. As a reader I felt the writing a bit too descriptive and much in detail than necessary which made this book a bit boring every now and then. But on the whole it was a good one from a first time author. This was my first experiment with medical fiction so it was new thing for me.

*Thanks for providing me a fee copy in exchange of an honest review.