The Last Picture Show by Larry McMurtry

Last Picture Show - Larry McMurtry

After reading Lonesome Dove I fell in love with Larry McMurtry’s writing. I enjoyed that book immensely (guess no word can describe what i feel for LD). Although, i was sure of not reading any of the sequels or prequels of that book since i had already read the spoilers and it was not uplifting at all, yet i was keen on reading his other books so started with 'The last picture show'. But sadly i didn’t enjoy this one, i could only manage to give it two stars, nothing more.

To begin with the story was so dark, depressing and disgusting at times that i had to start a new light book just to come out of the gloomy world. It might be realistic but i could not relate to this story one bit. Next the characters. There were too many of them, still there was not even one single well developed character whom i was interested in reading. Both younger and older characters in this book seemed equally silly and immature it became hard to differentiate them. The whole Thalia town was filled with crazy culture and annoying people. I must admit it started good but it could not hold my interest nor i cared for any character but still i could finish it all thanks to the writing which was the only thing which kept me going without leaving it half read. I might try one or two more books by this author if nothing works then i don’t mind re-reading Lonesome Dove!