The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall - Anne Brontë

Helen.. oh dear Helen..

The brave tenant of wildfell Hall.

You are neither Jane Eyre, nor Cathy,

You are different from them all.


I admired you, sympathized with you too,

When I read your part of the story.

But never once you made me feel you are feeble,

You rose every time you fell, head high in glory.


You said you loved the sinner not his sins.

You ached so much for a man unworthy of you, 

He tortured you threatened you yet you didn’t give up on life

Tried correcting him did it as your duty which you had to do as a wife.


People mistook you, talked nonsense all the time.

But you never cared nor it affected you in the least.  

The more you suffered the stronger you turned,

The more you were crushed the more you grew robust.


For me- Helen, You will always remain a woman of substance

Who never ceased to grow righteously in life’s every bend.

The more time tested you the brighter you seemed to glow

Good that God bestowed all you deserved in the end.


Thanks Anne for breathing life into lovely Helen,

She is now like a lifelong friend to whom I will return whenever I can.


I know this is a different kind of review which i have tried for the first time i was so much inspired by the protagonist of this book Helen that i could not stop myself from writing a poem on her.