Honey Moon by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Honey Moon - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

This was such an emotionally draining book!
I have read quite a few books by SEP but this one I can say is quite different from her others am not talking about the writing part it’s the story which was rather strange and bold. 

This was like a roller costar ride both story wise as well as rating wise because when I initially started it was almost a 5 star. Our poor Honey Moon (yes that’s the name of the heroine of this book) after struggling throughout her childhood finally sees some success and money in her life when she becomes a popular child artist in a famous TV Show. Dash is the guy who plays her dad in that daily soap. Till this everything was fine it was a nice read i enjoyed it but when suddenly Honey gets involved with Dash expresses her love for him and when Dash being almost more than 20 years elder to her accepts her feelings and marries her that’s when the story takes a U-Turn and their daily soap is doomed and that is when i felt like wringing both their necks for spoiling the story for me and thats when i wanted to give it a 1 star. But still I continued with the book with all the patience I had and just when i was about to make peace with Honey and Dash, Dash dies (duh?) and Honey is back to square one with no money, no one to support her almost nothing to keep going except for an age old deserted amusement park which she is trying to fix which she had once bought it from her Aunt. 

That’s when Enters Eric, Honey's childhood favorite hero with whom she had worked once. Now even his life had become a living hell like hers’ as he was wrongly accused of child abuse by his ex-wife who is not letting him see his daughters. So when these two lost souls Honey and Eric finally come together and slowly come to know about each others lives and try to solve the problems, that’s when they find where actually their happiness lies. Huh! If this book is not emotionally draining then i don't know what is! 

Though I wanted to give it lesser star than what I have given but still i couldn't. Of course the reason is SEP and her writing, as she is an expert in giving a neat believable ‘happy ending’ and am a sucker of it.