The Taming of the Shrew (No Fear Shakespeare) by William Shakespeare

Taming of the Shrew No Fear Shakespeare - William Shakespeare
I always wanted to read Shakespeare works but admit I could not understand his original text ‘The Shakespearean English’ though I tried several times but failed everytime. Finally I found a translated version of all his play by Sparknotes in the library and immediately picked it up. I must say the translation is excellent and I am going to read all of his books
Now about the play,  all i can say is i loved it and hated it simultaneously. 
How? Well, this book can be taken in two ways, at least I took it like that. One way would be just read it for enjoyment without bothering much about what message it is giving knowingly or unknowingly. Just stick to the humorous parts and enjoy some hilarious dialogs and you will laugh out loud. I did so initially. But once i read  the last part especially the final speech by Katherine that is when it hit me how inhumanly she was treated and how wrongly Petruchio had tamed her. Wherein her self-confidence was doomed completely, her self-respect was almost touched rock bottom and she was transformed as nothing but an yielding slave to her husband praising him, pleading him in every which way possible not to forget how all men appreciated and applauded Petruchio for having done so. That is when I felt disgusted about the whole thing and that’s what made me hate the whole play. 
As a women its way too hard to just enjoy the play and to not to contemplate on the message it intended to give.