Where Rainbows End / Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie - Cecelia Ahern

I bought this book, the only reason for that was it was an epistolary novel and I have a strange liking towards them. As I feel  a letter can bring out the deepest feeling in a person than he/she ever knew they had.                       

I admit I even started liking it initially i was sure of enjoying every bit of it but as the story went on and on and on and on and on and on at one point i thought this book is never going to end. This book had some best wordings and I truly think It could have been a beautiful book if not for those extra 250 extra pages. Seriously!!  Rosie and Alex knew from the very begining that they are meant for each other but it took them 50 long years to say that!?! Well that was a bit too much to handle!