Remember the Past: ...only as it gives you pleasure by Maria Grace

Remember the Past: ...only as it gives you pleasure - Maria Grace
I usually never attempted to read a P&P fan fiction as I have a feeling that I would end up not liking it. Though this book seems like a P&P fanfic except for the names I didn’t find any similarities, either story wise or character wise. The author has given an entirely new makeover to the story as well as for all the characters and I quite liked it (only if I stop comparing this to JA’s P&P)

Admiral Bennet and has two daughters Jane and Lizzy and twin sons and is quite a strict father and unreasonable at times as well, who does not like Darcy for a son in law. The war of words between Lizzy and Darcy’s is quite less compared to Bennet and Darcy’s. The premises was quite different here and the whole story was carried nicely justifying each twists and turns. I loved the language too. It was a simple and sweet story overall and i quite enjoyed listening to it.
Elizebeth Klett has narrated the story exceptionally well with different voice modulation for different characters. I have listened to many of her audio books and loved them all. By far she is one of my favorite narrator. 
Thanks to her for sending me the audio copy of this book through audible. :)