About that night by Julie James

About That Night - Julie James

Gosh! I found myself grinning through out the book while reading not to forget laughing loud at those funny moments not even bothering about the place or time. I am not sure how many saw me like that but I really didn't care then. I just had awesome-fun-time reading this book.

Julie James has done it again for me. I think this is the best book in this series, out of the other two I have read. The best thing about this one is it not only has interesting storyline, funny and sarcastic dialogs but also the best main characters Rylann - head strong attorney with five year plan ahead and stubborn yet sweet Kyle a convicted twitter terrorist (oops!) cum billionaire. The whole situation in which these two were brought together to face each other again after nine years in a legal court against each other was the best part of the story and from there on it was an amazing ride/read. Enjoyed this immensely!!!