Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught

Whitney, My Love - Judith McNaught

What a strange rating 3.75 seems to be right?

That’s how strange I felt while I  was reading this book written by my favorite Author Judith. Which is also suppose to be my last historical novel by here as I have already read other HR books by her.

Okay let me now get into the book which made me give these weird stars. To start with I would say the whole book was like an emotional saga and of course this book made me feel each and every of those emotion while I was reading. The story goes like this Whitney a rebellious girl in her teen was sent away from England to live with her aunt to change her way of conduct. As soon as she came back after 4 years she was betrothal to Clayton - Duke of Claymore without her knowledge. But at the very first meet itself she hates Clayton from there on started this emotional tale of love, hate and misunderstandings. I know that’s how a JM’s novel supposed to be but here in this book as much as I enjoyed JM's writing I could not come to like the main characters especially the ever arrogant Clayton I hated the way he behaved with Whitney. Sometime I felt like throttling him for his inhuman behavior with her. And Whitney after all that humiliation he had done she was still in love with that wrenched man that was something I didn't expect from this rebellious heroin. I was torn between the character and the writing. For these two main characters I would have given 2 stars but for the writing and all those twist and turn in the story and for those sharp cutting dialogs which I enjoyed the most I wanted to give it a 4 star. I felt 2 would too less for this novel and 4 would be more but then I came to conclusion ended up rating it as 3.75 on the whole for this book and that is all there is to it.