Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects (Trade Paperback) - Gillian Flynn

Thank god I read this after Gone Girl if i would have picked up this book first i wouldn't even have gone near Gone Girl. Which was way way better story and plotwise which seemed missing from sharp objects.  I fail to undertstand what was in Gillian Flynn's mind when she wrote this book? Was she trying to prove she is capabale of writing mindless gruesome book  being a female author? If yes, then I think she has proved herself and also have suceeded in that quite well. Because other than that i see nothing which one can like about this book. The dialogs and action of the character just keeps on repeating, the characters are not developed also the major diappointment was the ending which was not justified and if thats how a psycological thriller  works then i should accept the fact that i won't be likeing any of my future thriller reads and would be rating as bad as this one.