Landline By Rainbow Rowell

Landline: A Novel - Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow’s Fangirl did not meet my expectation that’s for sure! But that book made me accustom to her writing style which was one of the main reason for me to like ‘Landline’. By all means this book is slow and in detail but the pace fits perfectly. Besides, Landline is serious fiction which throws light on real relationships. The 'magic realism' touch of Rainbow gives this story a new kind of twist which may not happen in reality. But a twist which can be accepted though.

When the-very-beautiful Georgie McCool falls in love with the-not-so-handsome Neal, they plan to spend the rest of their lives togather, they get married, have kids. But after fourteen years of their marriage though they are a lot in love with each other yet they aren’t happy anymore. When did this happen? What went wrong? That is what they are unable to figure out.
Georgie seems always busy with her professional life and Neal, busy at home spending time with their daughters filling in for her. Georgie has no time but Neal has a lot. The slow change and friction which occur in their relationship is explained well by Rainbow. Finally, when Georgie spends one ‘Christmas’ week away from her husband and family due to work, that’s when she realizes what she was missing all along, of course with the help of ‘Magic-Phone’.

“Nobody's lives just fit together. Fitting together is something you work at. It's something you make happen - because you love each other.”

I love this line and also the way Rainbow Rowell shows how a not-so-perfect couple, end up just perfectly in the end.

Then why just 3.5 stars why not 4 or 5? That's because I had my own issues with the book. As much as Georgie was guilty about not being there with Neal, well Neal was not at least if he did it was not shown properly! The problem with their relationship was not just because of Georgie not being there it was because of Neal and his silence towards every situation but this was something which was not highlighted as well. Blaming only Georgie did not sit with me well. Another thing is, Seth proposing to Georgie in the end I did not feel the necessary of that either, so was Heather being a gay. These were some parts which seemed pushed inside the story. Other than that, this book was beautifully crafted.