Spring Snow By Yukio Mishima

Spring Snow - Yukio Mishima, Michael Gallagher

 ‘Spring Snow’ for me was one of the toughest read. Mishima’s writing is insightful ,deep and dark at the same time it is hard to understand or analyze easily. His writing describes the very essence of Japanese culture. He has weaved this tragic love story with a touch of deep philosophy.

The story is about Kiyoaki and Satoko who grew up together, though Satoko was 2 years elder than Kiyoaki, her love for him had no boundary. She loved him selflessly without any prejudice. Whereas Kiyoaki never took her seriously his attitude towards her always wavered between hatred and envy.  Only when Satoko got engaged to someone else unwillingly, his love for her and passion of wanting started to grow immensely. This mad obsession of Kiyoaki and the cultural conflicts between the families were the main reason for their disastrous ending.

Kiyoaki was one of the complex character to understand he never knew what he wanted from his life although he had everything but he was always unhappy searching for something new, something more. The inner thought conflicts and turbulence of Kiyoaki is described exceptionally by Mishima. I loved Satoko she was one of the sweetest girl who deserved something better than what she was destined to. Over all I really loved this book and the wonderful writing though it ended quite tragically.