Half girlfriend!

Half Girlfriend - Chetan Bhagat

Half star for CB's Half girlfriend Need I say more?

Okay here it goes... apart from the age old clichés this book is just an exact copy of his earlier novels, but in a hideous way. The story like others includes some sports with hardly any connection + Bill Gates out of nowhere. There is absolutely zero depth story wise or character-wise. About writing I can say the language is actually deteriorating in every sense, calling it simple English seems absurd.
Main protagonist `the non-English type'(as CB says) Madhav was like a blessing in disguise for this ridiculous language I guess. I must admit each and every dialog in this book was so pathetic that it made me laugh out loud (well, that   star is for all those LOL moments).

Looking back now, I don't find any difference between CB's male protagonist Govind, Gopal and now Madhav all are same despos, chepos , self pitting jerks yet behave like innocents in the end and all his female protagonist Vidya, Aarthi and now Riya all are so silly and lame that they always end up taking stupid decisions. There is absolutely no character differentiation amongst them what so ever. On top of that the main characters are always behind the author himself to share their life stories so that he can save them in the end and write an epic story out of it. God, Give me a break!!!!

Coming back to   Girlfriend how the hell the title is apt for the story I am unable understand. Is it because Riya just allowed despo Madhav to kiss her and refrains him to do anything beyond that, is that it? I don't know how else to justify this stupid title for this awful story.
I don't even understand how people are considering this as a Bollywood script(story) in my opinion it shouldn't even be qualifying for that.