Tempting the Bride By Sherry Thomas

Tempting the Bride - Sherry Thomas

I was so much bestowed by Sherry Thomas's Delicious that I took up another book from her but it turned out to be a total letdown. Was it my mistake that I read her book back to back or was the book really boring? Hm I would like to agree with latter, as I have loved some of her book and hated too. About this books, as soon as I reached half of it I felt no point in continuing and wanted to just get over with it and i did just that. The story was a disaster it had too many twist and turns, more than it could handle. Helen the main female character was such a strong character initially but she turned out be a total flicker minded towards the end and Hasting just bored with his so called mocking attitude. But I do agree with the fact that It had a lot of scope of becoming an interesting book but sadly it turned out to be a total dud. Anyway this won't stop me from reading other books by Sherry. But not anytime soon that’s for sure.