The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath “The Bell Jar” is a story of a girl Esther who has a weak mind, is a introvert with a mixture of inferiority complex. Basically Esther is a intelligent girl but her lack of confidence in herself leads her to take drastic step like killing herself. Her situations are not that worse but she make it worse by making stupid decisions towards life. I could relate to her in many situations myself like the things she thinks about herself or others.. even I have thought the same way! But what matters is how we take it from there. Should we go deeper to feel our hurt, our insults and stay there forever? or should we over come that revolt back as if we have never passed that stage in our life at all? Author Sylvia Plath clearly explains two types of situations before us giving example of Esther and her friend Joan.
When Esther’s mother says to forget the past as a bad dream she refuses to do so because I think she feels that those things are the one which made her confident towards herself and could move forward and I totally agree with that.. comparing ourselves towards our own past makes us proud of ourselves for what we are today!
I half expected it to be a sad ending but I felt happy that it was not.. as Esther revolted back and learnt lessons from her past.
To be honest this was not a book which I could finish in just one sitting! Flaws or No flaws this book is worth reading!