Joyland - Stephen King 3.5
‘Joyland’ - title excited me the most and as it was my first Stephen King book also my first book in horror genre I was more eager to read it. But as it turned out, the amount of expectation which I had was not met, but I liked it anyway. The story is about Devin, after losing his first love when he lands up with a job in Joyland for his summer, he gets increasingly involved with his work and also gets fascinated by a mysterious old story on Joyland which makes him continue his job there skipping the college by an year and then as time goes a series of mystery unravels. The novel is slow moving but the writing was interesting I didn’t get bored because through out this book I was literally in a amusement park (and I love amusement parks!!). The story has a gloomy tone to it which revolves in and around Joyland (what an irony!!) and that’s what I liked the most about it. Will surly read more books from this author.