Mahashweta - Sudha Murty ‘Mahashweta’ is based on a very sensitive subject - Vitiligo. The story is poignant and expressed in a very simple language by Sudha Murthy. In this story she clearly explains how insensitively our society behaves towards a person who is suffering from Vitiligo, educated or not!
Dr.Anand falls head over heels in love with beautiful Anupama, when he sees her for the first time and soon marries her. Later Anand flies to England for his higher studies leaving Anu behind, telling her to join him later, meanwhile Anu is diagnosed with leukoderma/ Vitiligo. All alone with no one to take care of her she seeks emotional support and soothing words from Anand. Being a doctor himself she has full faith in him, but all she gets in return is his aloofness. Her faith is tested in every step from there on, neither she is allowed to live peacefully in her in-laws place nor in her parents. That is when she takes her life in her own hands and decides to live independently without any inhibitions and succeeds in the end.
Though the ending is not ‘happy-ever-after’ but nevertheless it is inspiring and uplifting enough.

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