The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Jay Rubin, Haruki Murakami

It’s been almost two days since i finished this book but neither i am able to write a review nor i am letting it go. So here i am with my scattered thoughts about this book, writing whatever i felt like when i read it.

Okay so how should I say how it was? Bizarre? Vivid? Dreamlike? Nightmarish? Or maybe all of the above.

If i keep this bizarre things that happened in this book at bay i can say that this novel was intriguing and informative. I feel the best part of this book is definitely Murakami’s writing. He is a master when it comes’ writing about loneliness and pain, he makes the reader feel what the character is going through. His writing has the power to make the mundane things as something special and surreal as normal something that occurs in day to day life which of course doesn’t.

Feeling estranged from his normal self and world Toru Okada ends up meeting a bunch of people who all seemed very interesting to meet with. Each had their own painful and disturbing story to tell and with each of their story there was some new information to gather which made the whole book, for me captivating enough to continue till the end. This book didn’t just have one story to tell but many. These sub plots somewhere ended up linking to the main plot but in the end everything still remained misty. Anyway, there has never been any clear-cut ending in Murakami’s book there wasn’t any in here as well. Well, all i can say is I’ve read few books by Murakami, but this one i didn’t enjoy reading as much as i did the earlier ones, which i am sure of. There was something lacking here that i am unable to pinpoint at.


[spoiler] I went through few discussions on Goodreads about this book that has actually given me a different dimension to the whole story. It said that Malta Kano is supposed to be Kumiko’s sister and Creta Kano is supposed to be Kukimo herself in the “other world”, now that’s interesting. [/spoiler]