After You by Jojo Moyes

After You - Jojo Moyes

I very rarely give one star rating for a book, but this book deserved nothing more. I might have given it a 2 star if it wasn’t a sequel of Me Before You which is one of my favourites.

The problem with this book was that everything in here seemed unnatural and forced, the story, the events and all the characters. The whole story appeared as a forceful effort to build a sequel to the previous book which eventually lost the essence of the first book and made me think why I loved Me Before You. (Guess its time to re-read the book!)

And about the characters the less said the better they were just crazy and pathetic, except for Sam who was the only sane person there. Even Lou!! There was such a nice growth in her character in the previous but here she was back to square one. It made me wonder throughout the book, is this that Lou Clark, whom i loved in Me Before You? (Again, I guess its time to re-read the book!)

Anyway the only reason i completed this book was because it was written by Jojo Moyes, who is one of my favourite authors and I didn’t wanted leave her book incomplete. But i strongly felt she shouldn’t have attempted to write a sequel for a book which already had a perfect ending.
And people who loved Me Before You please don’t read the sequel because you are going to regret it big time, like me.